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If you are looking for QA, Coding, Test Automation, Front-End, Back-End, Full Stack, Mobile Development courses then you are in the right place!

What to expect during the course

Our approach:

    • You will be working on a real project from day one.

    • You will learn and use the same licensed tools as the most IT companies do.

    • You will not only learn theory but get a real working experience.

Our style:

    • You will be a part of a small group.

    • You will get maximum attention from our teachers.

    • You will learn a new profession in a family environment.

Job search support:

    • Resume creation and interview preparation is a part of every course.

    • We will continue guiding you even after the course until you find a job.

    • We will provide professional references for your job search.

    • We will continue mentoring you as long as you stay in our Slack.

What to expect after the course

The length of the course and average tech salaries in the USA according to Glassdoor:

Manual QA Engineer:

  • 3 months - $103K annually

Test Automation Engineer:

  • 6 months - $113K annually

Front End Developer:

  • 6 months - $122K annually

Full Stack Developer:

  • 9 months - $116K annually

Mobile Developer:

  • 9 months - $129K annually

How to start?

Start from our free course first.

It always takes place before the main course and serves as a perfect starting point for those who just want to learn more about the profession as well as those who want to prepare for the main course.

You will meet our team, try our innovative approach, get a lot of motivation, understand the industry, and get a discount for the first month of the main course.

How much does it cost?

First of all, start for free with our Free Course to meet our team, try our approach, and understand what you will get.

If you decide to join our Main Course then check our super flexible options! No need to pay in advance for the entire course anymore. Select the option that works the best for you and pay as you go using one of our monthly subscription plans!

TechStart gives you the best knowledge at the most affordable price!

The Bonus!

Interested in Manual QA? Get the Coding Basics course for


Many people think that they can't do coding. But that's a huge delusion! If you take the Manual QA course, we will give you the Coding Basics course for free*!

Let us prove that Coding is easy!

Going forward you will be ready to take the next level courses:

* if you take the Coding Basics course in parallel with the Manual QA course.

U.S. job market salaries

How path to the dream looks like

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