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How to register for a course?

That's it. We will contact you soon and add to the group chat.

Do you conduct live lessons with real teachers or those are pre-recorded videos?

All classes are live sessions with teachers. Moreover, the courses are project-based and you act as an Engineer from day one learning new topics as you go.

How often do courses start?

All courses start every three months. Please check the Courses page for the next start dates.

Do you help with resume creation and interview preparation?

Yes. Our help includes:

You will graduate as ready-to-go professional. Many of our students find a job not after, but during a course as a part of their homework.

What happens after the course?

You remain in our chats and get unlimited support from us and our community. Also, you may continue working on our projects if interested in getting more experience.

Do you have any promotions?

Yes. The biggest offers and bonuses are offered during our free courses. Check Free Courses page for more info. Also, subscribe to our social networks to get notifications about any other promotions:

Do you record classes? Can I watch it later if missed a lesson?

Yes, we record all lessons and publish them on our Platform. You will be able to watch it later. Detailed instructions and homework assignments are published with every video.

However, we strongly recommend that you attend all classes in on-line mode to be able to ask questions and act as a team member.

Are the courses online or in-person?

The most of the lessons are conducted online via Zoom. However, we are located in Sacramento Metro Area and conduct some specific lessons in person (e.g. Mock Interviews, Team Meetings, etc.).

What is the class schedule?

It differs for every class.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you will get a certificate if you successfully complete any course.