Our mission is to build a professional IT-community of talented engineers who will change the world. TechStart needs smart and professional people for future projects. 

Instead of looking for like-minded people on the job market, we have decided to share our vision, expertise and professionalism with our students. Some of them will join us in our future ventures. And that's the exact reason why we provide the highest level of education. We are result-oriented and interested in every student's success. We all together invest in our future.


TechStart provides a real tech experience from day one. We don't teach theory. Instead we cooperate with software development companies and involve students in live projects. We truly believe that our approach is beneficial for all parties. Companies get motivated workers, and students get a real work experience.

The end of the course is not the end of a project. Students may stay on the project and continue getting experience as long as they want.

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